Spirituality & Creative Arts


Spirituality & Creative Arts

In a mini series of 3 retreats, using items from nature in imaginative and symbolic ways, we journeyed towards more spiritual dimensions dimensions together.Third and fourth dimensional experiences will be invited as we work with collages, in clay and sand or soil.

  How are you invited to be, this day?  7 pm (AEDT) 17 February 2022

When we explore art in nature, we may notice patterns, spirals or fibonacci sequences. What might these stir in us? How do these beautiful, intricate, unusual features connect with us? Can they invite us into a different way of being? For this retreat, please bring a few natural objects (eg leaves, flowers, seeds, stones). In our time together, we will create a collage from these, allowing new dimensions of how we can be, to emerge.

How Are You Being Molded? – 7 pm (AEDT) 17 March 2022

 This session invites a tactile three-dimensional experience of molding clay with the intention of discovering more about who you are being, in your own individual way. Also, inviting you to be open to the spirit’s activity in the creative process, deepening your relationship with God in the fourth dimension of existence.

How would the Spirit have you play with sand? – 7 pm (AEST) 21 April 2022

 This session invites you to experiment with sand or soil in a third and fourth dimensional prayerful creative process. Imaginatively and symbolically, we each in our own way unearth, bury, build, play and exploring past and present experiences together. In preparation, a guideline will be provided beforehand to help think about and create your own simple and easy sand-tray for the retreat.

More about Lynne:

Lynne Head-Weir BCW MA MSD is a Giver of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and a team member of the Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality

in Brisbane. Lynne is a masters graduate of both the Melbourne Institute of Creative Arts Therapy and University of Divinity.

Lynne is blessed to be a mother of three adult children and grandmother of seven. There are also years of experience as an artist,

addictions counsellor and creative arts therapist. Currently, Lynne is a practicing creative spiritual director and visual artist with a

calling for Contemplative Arts retreat ministry, which companions others in seeking God in all things creative.

Lynne combines creative arts within the faithful processes of Ignatian Spirituality.