Spiritual Companioning with
Kathy Cave

Taking time out for a retreat or spiritual direction will enable you to become aware of the presence and love of God in your life – to notice what is camouflaged in everyday life.

About Kathy Cave

Kathy grew up in rural South Africa, where Ndebele and Sotho people have lived for generations.

One day she encountered fish underwater. She was captivated and intrigued by this watery world. She learnt to swim and dive and now loves watching, photographing and learning about all aspects of life underwater.

Her journey to becoming a Spiritual Companion has some parallels. After working in investment markets for about 30 years, she was introduced to the art of being listened to.

Another whole world, a new way of being, burst forth. Her prayer life deepened and her thirst for understanding of God, the Holy One, grew. Initially she wanted to know for herself, but then she wanted to be able to share her experience with others so she gained some new skills.

She trained as a Spiritual Director and Supervisor and  has a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies from Regent College, Vancouver and Masters in Christian Studies from Sydney Missionary Bible College.

Kathy journeys with people in retreats, spiritual direction and supervision encouraging them to enter a different world – a world where their uniqueness is recognised and cherished, a world where they can notice the activity of God, the Holy One, in their everyday lives.