Group Spiritual Companioning

Group Spiritual Companioning

In Group Spiritual Companioning or Spiritual Direction, we gather together to assist one another

in an ongoing awareness of God in all of life. We listen for the prayers that God

or Jesus or the Divine may be praying for each other.

We agree to support each other in response to this.


Everyone in group will be both a spiritual director  and pilgrim.

One does not need formal qualifications as a spiritual director but contemplative listening skills are required.

Each person is invited to share and then receive prayers/ reflections from other members.

The group size will be 4 or 5 plus a facilitator.

The first meeting will include an introduction by each person and an opportunity to discern if this might be where you are being invited.

We anticipate a diversity of faith perspectives in the group and expect this may enrich the collective wisdom available through the group process.

On line and face to face options are available.

You are strongly encouraged to read Group Spiritual Direction by Rose Mary Dougherty before the course starts.

For more information about the process or possible dates, please contact Kathy