In 2022, our theme is “putting off… putting on…”

Through our times of guided reflection and prayer, we’ll be exploring spiritual disciplines

 that help us let go of unhealthy attitudes and habits and replace them

with life-giving perspectives and practices that help us grow in Christ-likeness.



In 2022, Kathy Cave (a qualified Spiritual Director) and Sophia McCrindle invite you to six days of REST.

These will be run in a hybrid format – onsite and online – allowing you to join from anywhere.

5 October Put on CONTENTMENT (and put off comparison)

23 November Put on CELEBRATION (and put off productivity as self-worth)


Each REST day consists of 3 sessions which combine guided spiritual exercises and personal reflection and prayer time,

plus informal fellowship around the lunch table (for those onsite).

Some people join for the whole day, others for just a single session.


BOOK HERE FOR October  Put on Contentment

About October session

Paul expresses his approach to contentment as something he has learnt to do. Advertising sometimes suggests there is a quick easy approach – “buy this” or “do this” and you will be “better”.

This retreat, is a time to come aside and to notice where the invitations are in your life to be more content, place where you could compare yourself less with others or an ideal.

The day will consist of three sessions where Kathy will introduce a guided spiritual exercise (about 30 min)

and then you are invited to reflect and praying your own. There is an invitation to share your insights in a final session.


If you keep a prayer diary or journal please bring it (for your own reflections – not for sharing).

If you are joining online please have some creative materials (pens, paint, paper…) accessible.

Kathy will also be available to meet with people individually for spiritual direction

during the personal reflection and prayer times, or on another day over the following week.

Session 1: 9:30 

Session 2: 11:30 

Session 3: 13:30

Session 4: 15:30  Invitation to share gleanings from the day and aim to be finished at 16:00

Cost: $35 in Person and $10 Online Discounts of 20% and 50% are available for those in financial need

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sophia McCrindle – (for bookings and logistics)

Kathy Cave – (about the session content / what to expect)